Instructions on ticket registration for the NEAR APAC conference in Vietnam 2023

[Bấm vào đây để đọc hướng dẫn đăng ký vé tham gia Hội nghị NEAR APAC 2023 tiếng Việt]

Detailed information

NEAR APAC conference will last for 4 months (from June 2023 to September 2023) with many events taking place, and the ultimate focus will be the conference and exhibition in 2 days between September 9-10, 2023 at Thiskyhall – The most luxurious convention center in Ho Chi Minh.

In particular, in this May, the NEAR APAC conference will officially open the first registration round for early individuals and organizations.

  • Get ​​STANDARD tickets when registering with Eventbrite app ·
  • Get ​​free VIP tickets when registering with NFT (limited quantity and time)

*Note: The amount of free tickets is limited! Free ticket registration deadline is on June 30, 2023

For both STANDARD and VIP, you can participate in the 2-day event with inspiring activities featuring projects and industry experts and the chance to win the prize up to 100 million VND. Particularly for VIP tickets, when you register by minting NFT, you will receive MORE privileges as follows:

  • Free food and beverage when participating during the conference
  • Participation in some special events during the conference
  • Free food and beverage when participating during the conference
  • Participation in some special events during during the conference
  • Participation in all the games held in the conference and share the reward up to 300 million VND

However, the quantity and time of registration for VIP tickets are limited, so please complete the registration on time to receive more appealing privileges.

Register for FREE VIP tickets by NFT

For VIP tickets, in addition to basic benefits like STANDARD, you will also get MORE privileges as follows:

  • A gift package from NEAR APAC 2023.
  • Free food and beverage when participating in the seminar.
  • Participation in some special events during the seminar.
  • Participation in all the games held in the seminar and share the reward up to 300 million VND.

To receive VIP tickets by NFT, you need to create a NEAR account. If you already have a NEAR Wallet account before, please skip steps 1 – 5 and start from step 6.

Step 1: Create a FREE NEAR WALLET

Go to the ShardDog interface to create a NEAR Wallet, this is how to create a free .near account. You go to the link , select “I’m not a robot”, solve the captcha and select “Fetch My ShardDog”.

Step 2: Get token as fee

After a few seconds, the NEAR Wallet interface will appear, informing that you have received 0.006 NEAR for account creation fee. Select “Claim with New Account”.


Step 3: Reserve an account name

You reserve an account name (Account ID) for the NEAR Wallet. Account names may include letters, numbers, and underscores so they don’t overlap with other accounts.

For example: NameA.near, gfiblockchain2023.near, nearapac_2023.near,…

Then select “Reserve My Account ID”.

Step 4: Choose a security method

You choose the security method for the wallet as “Secure Passphrase” -> “Continue”.

Select “Copy” to copy the 12 security phrases and save them in a safe place. These 12 phrases are the only “password” for you to log into your NEAR Wallet account.

Then select “Continue”.


Step 5: Confirm security phrases

NEAR Wallet requires you to prove that you have backed up 12 security phrases. You need to enter the phrases in the correct order, for example the word number 8 is “economy”. Then select “Verify & Complete” and wait for minutes.

Step 6: Connect NEAR Wallet with ticket registration website

After creating NEAR Wallet, the system will automatically go to website, click “Connect” and select “NEAR Wallet”.

When the NEAR Wallet appears, select “Next” -> “Connect” to complete the connecting.

Step 7: Fill in the information to receive the VIP Ticket

After connecting the NEAR Wallet, select “Get Ticket”.

After that, fill in the following 3 fields:

  • Name (required)
  • Email (required): Please fill in correctly and double-check carefully in order to receive VIP ticket via email
  • Phone number (optional): You should fill in your phone number so that the organizers can contact and support you when necessary.

Then select “Get Ticket”.

Step 8: Complete the receipt of the VIP Ticket

Congratulation! You have successfully registered for the VIP Ticket for the NEAR APAC 2023 conference. Please screenshot your ticket and remember to bring your ticket to the entrance for verification.

Step 9: Double-check VIP ticket in email

After successful registration, you will receive a confirmation email from NEAR APAC ([email protected]). If you do not see the email, please check your spam folder.


  • Each email can claim only one ticket code
  • NEAR APAC does not require you to do any further step after completing this step.
  • If you do not receive the QR code in the Email, you can check the QR code by selecting “My Ticket” on the ticket registration website.

Sign up for STANDARD tickets using EventBrite

For STANDARD tickets you can complete the registration easily through the Eventbrite platform with this link:


Please follow Near APAC on social media and the Fanpage to stay updated with the latest information!

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